Getting started with Bros Git

Before we begin the instructions, we would like to thank you for hosting with us and would like to welcome you to the BROS Team. We have tried to make everything simple as possible. Where you don't have to do much on your end. If you are stuck on something you can feel free to chat with Bane on Google Hangout by simply adding by email

As you know we have two (2) types of options where you have selected from either wizard with logins or without. For you as developers the process will be the same as either way, however if you are using wizard with logins, please feel free to send me message on hangout so I could build the Wizard Installer for you with your preferences

You should already have received an email with your login information. If you haven't please send me email to Next setup is to download filezilla from After you have downloaded filezilla, all you have to do is fill out the information that was sent in the login email, where you will be entering host, username and password.Following is good video on how to setup Filezilla:

After you have transferred the files to the ftp, for public you can simply get access to it by using the following url and if you are using Wizard with logins, your stuff will be hidden where users can install your stuff using the following url If you need any help, feel free to send me a message on Google Hangout.