Please read carefully on how Bros | Git works which is required before signing up as developer thanks:)

First of all thank you for signing up for hosting for your build or add-on with Bros | Git.
In this email you will be receiving general information on how git service works.

Our Git service is free for everyone. Where developers can sign up for free hosting for builds or add-ons.
We have no restrictions on what type of addon or build you can host, however we don't want to see any hosting for illegal content such as pirated movies or tv shows.

It took a lot of planning to come up with good solution for free hosting for everyone without any bandwidth or storage restrictions. Bros | Git is the solution for hosting in Kodi community where anyone can host any addon or build for free of cost for all of the developers. Following we will be sharing different methods on how you can host your addon or build. Please note before you get confused all of the options provided below will be just different ways of hosting and yes hosting is free no matter what options you choose.

If you would like to help out on the server costs we have come up with logins for builds or add-ons through wizard. We would appreciate it if you can add the logins option to your build or add-on but it is not required. So following I will be sharing information in detail on how login process will work:

There are total of 2 different methods of hosting:

  1. You can have your own wizard with Bros | Git logins for build or add-on.
  2. You can have your own wizard without logins.

If you choose wizard with logins, We can help you setup with everything while you do basic uploading.

We will appreciate the logins so they help us pay for hosting but it will not be required.

Before we can give you access to the ftp, we will need to know what option you have choose as server type which will be required when signing up as developer on home page. So following is the security answer,Place where it says Answer to this field for server type can be found at which is required to enter when signing up as developer. If security answer for server type is not answered properly which is in following paragraph, then you will keep getting the following error "Please match the requested format".

If you choose wizard with logins, then the server type answer will be anon and if you are going to be hosting your wizard without logins, then the server type answer will be pb. Please note the signup form is case sensitive where it's using lowercase letters only so please make sure you DONOT have caps enabled when signing up thanks. Depending on your answer for server type, we will then setup your ftp account on a specific server.You can use filezilla or any other FTP software to access your ftp account.Once we receive your reply to this email give us about 24-72 hours to give you the login details and weekends are not included.